Founded by collective of accomplished engineers and scientists.  



Mike Bojanowski

Michael Bojanowski


Chris Yakacki, Ph.D.



Dana Carpenter, Ph.D.


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Carl Frick, Ph.D.


Amir Torbati, Ph.D.





Patrick Terrill





Material Science

  • Structure-Property-Processing-Performance Relationships
  • Mechanically Active Polymers
  • Shape Changing Polymers
  • Materials Characterization
  • Polymer chemistry and Polymer physics
  • Failure analysis and fracture behavior
  • Mechanical testing
  • Microscopy, including electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction
  • Mechanical testing of skeletal tissues, implants, and engineering materials


  • Patient-specific finite element modeling
  • Mechanical analysis of bone-implant constructs
  • Imaging of skeletal tissues and implant materials: CT, MRI, and confocal microscopy

Rapid Product Builds

  • Prototype and Design testing for medical devices
  • Prototype Design and Testing
  • Machining and device design
  • Polymer fabrication
  • 3D printing of devices and patient-specific anatomy

Medical Device Development

  • Research and Development of Medical Devices 
  • Medical device market analysis
  • Usability/Human Factors Testing
  • Voice of Customer Studies 
  • Biomedical Device Characterization
  • Design of Medical Device Instrumentation-Human and Robotic Use
  • Design of cardiovascular IVC filters, stents and guidewires
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Medical Device Market analysis
  • Design Verification and Validation-Creation of Plans, protocols and execution.

Quality and Regulatory

  • ISO and FDA standards for medical device testing
  • Design Control Processes-Created and Implemented
  • Quality Systems Creation, Implementation and Execution
  • Risk Assessments

Industry Advancement

  • Lean Startup methodology for developing businesses and products
  • Grant submission
  • Patent search for material and product development

Manufacturing Development

  • Process design
  • Processing-structure-property relationships 
  • Automation of Processes-Creation of automated systems
  • Process Validation-Creation of plans, protocols and execution
  • Six Sigma-Leader in Kaizens
  • Lean Manufacturing-Implemented numerous waste reduction activities
  • Creation of automated process monitoring and control
  • Creation of Design Processes for startups and public companies
  • Identification of new product solutions and proposing to management and investors.
  • Development and management of numerous suppliers
  • Management of budgets of up to $3 million dollars