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Where Boundaries Dissolve + Ideas Evolve. 

K1C Consulting is a small and rapidly growing engineering and product design consultancy committed to supporting our clients in changing the way we work, play, and stay healthy. We enable their success by providing new design creation, testing, modeling, prototyping, and advisory services. These enable leading-edge customers to complete their most challenging design projects.


Our customers range from industry leaders to start-ups, developing products, medical devices, and wearables. We work with customers needing as little as specific design advice to as much as full turnkey designs from specification to product launch.

K1C Consulting Studio Office

Our Values

Focused - We focus on challenges that will have the most outsized impact. 
Insatiably curious - We have a learn it all mentality and always value new approaches. Good ideas always win at K1C and no one has a monopoly on good ideas. 

Transparent - We work hard to make sure everyone on the team has access to as much information as possible about every part of the company so they can make the best decisions and have the greatest impact. 

Nimble - We set our sights on a goal, overcome challenges and move quickly towards common goals. 

Risk Takers - We wake up ready to give our all and fail; we believe that you're guaranteed to fail if you don't take any risks!

Team players - We support each other and share ownership of our challenges and rewards. Together we are accountable.  There is no room for brilliant jerks, gossipers, or micromanagers. 
Client Obsessed - We constantly listen to customers, and then delight them with amazing designs and solutions with empathy, humility, honesty and integrity.

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