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Our team loves tackling your biggest design challenges. Our expertise, fresh perspective, and ability to adapt to project needs makes us valuable contributors to the success of your product development initiatives.

Lets solve

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Navigate the complexities of the innovation process

We partner with our clients to help navigate the complex process of creating and sustaining critical products. Below are some reasons why our clients have chose us:

Expertise and Specialized Knowledge: Our team has a depth of expertise and specialized knowledge in various aspects of design, materials, usability, manufacturing processes, and technology trends. Their diverse skill set allows us to provide insights and solutions that may not be readily available within your existing organization.

Fresh Perspective: K1C brings an external and unbiased perspective to your challenge. They can offer fresh ideas and innovative solutions without being influenced by internal organizational dynamics or pre-existing assumptions. This outside viewpoint can lead to breakthroughs and creative solutions.

Efficiency and Speed: Our team is  accustomed to working on diverse projects and can bring efficiency and speed to the design process. Our experience allows us to quickly understand project requirements, identify potential challenges, and propose effective solutions, often accelerating the overall timeline.

Technology evaluations: Our team of experts provide objective evaluations of existing products or processes. They can conduct thorough assessments, identify areas for improvement, and recommend changes based on industry best practices.

Solutions creation: conceiving and de-risking new-to-market products and processes that you can own, and which surpass alternatives.

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