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K1C employs various design skills and methodologies to
maximize value throughout the product development life-cycle.

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Industrial Design

Industrial Design

This skill merges creativity and functionality to enhance the form and usability of products. The Industrial Design process sets the foundation for establishing overall design intent. It can be comprised of a number of different design elements and processes, depending on the problem being solved.  These include:

  • Ideation sketching

  • Competitive research & analysis 

  • Design language & usability features

  • 3D CAD form studies

  • Physical prototyping

  • Human factors studies

  • User preference studies

  • Photorealistic rendering

  • Conceptual logo/branding integration

UI/UX Design

Many innovative ideas are driven by a user need or physical interaction requirement. 

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) knowledge is critical to properly addressing those needs during the design process.

From machine control interfaces to medical device switches, K1C is able to integrate highly efficient and viable user-focused design elements.

UI and UX Design
Design For Manufacture

Design For Manufacture

At K1C, we know that designing a product is never complete without a constant consideration for how something should be manufactured.  Target retail costs, material requirements, design language, use cases etc can all have a net effect on manufacture strategy.

Establishing and designing specifically for a manufacturing method is always a part of our design process, from initial concept sketches to an engineer-ready design. 
Even if you have an existing design that needs to be refined for improved manufacturability, our designers can help!

Design for manufacture (DFM) is an integrated design skill and we consider ourselves one of the best. We ensure all designs can be manufactured in the most desirable and efficient way possible.


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