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offers a comprehensive set of services and industry experience to meet your unique innovation needs.

Develop your product with us

At K1C, we understand how to navigate the challenges of developing a physical product. Every client has a unique set of requirements and therefore every product development effort does not require the same services to accomplish the end goal.

From turn-key medical device design to bespoke engineering or design services, we can tailor a plan to meet your unique technical requirements.


Product Development Team
Experience and Leadership

Leverage our experience & technical leadership 

With 25+ years experience in the product development space, K1C is fully committed to creating innovative products that help our that clients succeed. 

We take pride in our ability to advise and lead our clients through the product development landscape.

Discover how our expertise can help you achieve your goals


Product Sectors

We serve a wide range of product sectors



Product Development Overview

K1C Consulting Discover

We listen to your needs and collaboratively define your goals.  We support your discovery with our expertise in:

  • Concept Generation & Ideation Sessions

  • Rapid prototyping to allow for hands on user feedback

  • Expert research and support journal publication

  • Testing of existing products to set an independent bench mark

  • Refinement of ideas by gathering customer feedback and experimenting

K1C Consulting Define

Your idea jumps off the napkin as our team quickly distills your idea into an actionable solution. To accomplish this our team utilizes our skills in:

  • Creation of initial definition and solutions to guide design process 

  • Development of design control documents and engineering specifications 

  • Expert rational to support design decisions Incorporation of high level risk management 

  • Voice of Customer (VoC) study design and execution 

  • Human Factors evaluations (Formative and Summative) 

  • Building of functional prototypes

K1C Consulting Design

Our team’s experience rapidly produces designs for immediate testing and validation.  We support this by leveraging our capabilities below: 

  • Level up your design with knowledge in novel materials and manufacturing. 

  • CAD design and creation of drawings for manufacturing 

  • Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, Test and Installation (DFX) 

  • Creation of novel mechanisms 

  • Design control expertise to create the right documents to support your development (Design Plans, Verification and Validation Protocols, Traceability, Risk Management) 

  • Supplier development and qualification 

  • Product Testing Agile 

  • Project Management to quickly and cost effectively create your design 

K1C Consulting Deliver

Your idea is brought to life and we help introduce it to the world with our familiarity with the following:

  • Supply chain development and qualification Lot acceptance testing 

  • Manufacturing process design Process validation (MVP, IQ,OQ, PQ) 

  • Statistics and Design of Experiments (DoE) for process limits 

  • Testing of competitor products 

  • Marketing support in form of engineering data and publications 

  • Custom models to demonstrate how well your product performs 

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